Why Raise a Green Generation?

Rain GardenThe earlier children learn environmental responsibility and their role in respecting and preserving our planet, the more prepared they are to be proactive “green” citizens.

It is our children who will find answers to today’s biggest enviornmental concerns.

Changing the way we think about and address fuel, food, shelter, resources, and nature will be a direct result of the training and experiences we provide to the next generation.

At Stepping Stone Day School we are dedicated to raising a green generation.

How to Raise a Green Generation

IMG_7978.197100140_stdAs children learn to take responsibility for their actions -and to encourage peers and adults to become more environmentally responsible – they will inspire a global commitment to the environment.

Truly, they will become a GREEN GENERATION

Approaching Green

Children learn best through fun activities:

  • Planting and raising gardens
  • Using “home-grown” products for school meals
  • Making game-time out of recycling
  • Finding ways to reuse rather than throw-away
  • Reusing, Recycling, and Reducing
  • Turn off, shut off, and save utilities
  • Participating in community recycling events

Staff and Faculty

  • Model Eco Behaviors
  • Teach Sustainability Principles
  • Lead Environmental Projects

Rain Garden

Our Rain Garden captures storm water run off from our roof and sustains our garden instead of pumping the water into the city’s water system.