The Roli Polis

Infants: 6 weeks-6 months
The first year of an infant’s life is nothing short of amazing! As this time is filled with many discoveries and growth. Here at Stepping Stone we understand how difficult it may be to leave your little one for the first time and for that matter, every time. Trust that through detailed communication and direction, we will care for your little one just as you would at home. Let us put your mind at ease, we will provide for your infant’s emotional and physical needs. We are aware that your infant’s early development requires special care, nurturing and love.

The Busy Bumble Bees

Wobblers: crawling to walking
Oh the excitement and independence of moving their own little bodies! At this time your little one is on the move! Here at Stepping Stone we will be facilitating them every step of the way, through our attentiveness to safety and positive reinforcement we will help care for each child at their individual level. Engaging them in many light sensory activities, books, songs, tummy time or assisting them with walking, rest assured your busy bee will be lovingly cared for. Our staff is dedicated to nurturing the whole child and will support your child’s social, emotional, physical, and intellectual needs.

The Toddling Turtles

Toddlers: 1 years old
Toddlers are individuals who love to exercise their independence! Here at Stepping Stone we believe that facilitating their independence through a loving and structured environment is of utmost importance. In the toddler room, you will find engaging curriculum, art, sensory activities, singing, group stories, and other age appropriate activities. Our enthusiastic teacher will have the ability to customize lessons to your child’s skill level and learning style. The result is a safe and supportive learning environment where your child can confidently try new tasks and increase their innate sense of curiosity.

The Honey Bears

Toddlers: 2 years old
The sound of contagious laughter during a circle time activity is from time to time what can be heard coming from this exciting age group. They are curious learners who are building on their vocabulary and are just as eager to learn songs and listen to books. In this classroom your child will blossom and bloom with confidence in using their words and being understood by their attuned teacher. Exposure to light science, the arts and many more areas will encourage them to discover new and exciting concepts. Our early introduction to curriculum is taught through a professionally developed program. It’s also an exciting time of building friendships and patience.

The Happy Hoppers

Preschoolers: 3 years old
Stepping Stone Day School’s goal is to prepare your pre-schooler not only for school, but also for life. Your pre-schooler learns responsibility, cooperation and autonomy. Learning and utilizing these skills will help to make your child successful now, at school, and in the future. We help facilitate your child’s learning through daily assignments, games, sensory activities, science, and dramatic play. Early childhood development is essential to a child’s success in the home, school, and social relationships. Be confident that our professionally developed curriculum and activities build self-confidence, self-awareness, and self-actualization.

The Preschool Penguins

Preschoolers: 4 years old
In our preschool program, we strive to cultivate the development of the young child through attention to his or her social, emotional, physical, and intellectual needs. We begin to focus more on each facet of teaching to the whole child. Your child will have fun while becoming more prepared for school in the coming years. Children will spend time in learning centers promoting fine motor skills, math concepts, exploring scientific principles, or experiencing a variety of art mediums. Our professionally developed preschool curriculum presents many creative and hands-on experiences for your child to explore everyday. Throughout the process they will ask questions, problem solve, and discover a true joy for learning.

The Learning Lions

Advanced Preschool: 4 1/2-5 years old
Four and Five year olds receive special advanced learning opportunities as they develop and prepare for school experiences. Children who leave this program for kindergarten have a jump start on their school career and feel confident in their academics.

This program recognizes the needs of those children who are mentally and physically prepared for kindergarten, yet who may miss the age cut-off.

The Zoo

School Age: 5-12 years old
Stepping Stone Day School offers your school age children a wide variety of opportunities to learn and to achieve success in a safe and nurturing environment. Whether it’s before school, or after school, we know that nourishment, structure and one on one attention will aid in promoting a positive sense of self and help your child achieve goals.

Our Homework Club provides structure, assistance, and focus on homework and project